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Welcome to FUNDATA

A village situated at the highest altitude in Romania (1360 meters), where the sky meets the earth in a fairytale space and where only foggy days hide the overwhelming beauty of the landscapes.



Fundata is located half – distance of Rucar – Bran Corridor on DN73 National Road, near Arges and Brasov counties border. You will enter Fundata from either Rucar/Dragoslavele or Bran/Moeciu and depending the direction you came from you will notice the “Fundatica” road sign on one side or the other. Leave DN73 National Road at this sign and follow the asphalt road for about 2.5 km (210B Principala St). You may park your car on the left side, in the parking lot of the Piatra Alba Guesthouse.


Piatra Alba Guesthouse has the maximum accommodation capacity for 26 persons in 10 rooms (double room / suite room) and consists of two buildings: the Main Building and the Guest House. You have free access to all facilities offered by our guesthouse: dining room / living room, party room / club, porch, gazebo with ping-pong table, gazebo with barbecue, parking lot.

Main Building:
Rooms have private bathroom, LCD television, satellite receiver, free internet, matrimonial bed or twin beds, central heating. Distribution: 6 double rooms (1st floor, attic) + 1 suite room (ground floor).

Rooms have private bathroom, LCD television, satellite receiver, DVD player, free internet, matrimonial bed and extensible sofa-bed / 1 person bed, central heating. Distribution: 3 suite rooms (ground floor, attic).



Team Building package
Piatra Alba Guesthouse is the best choice for organizing corporate events having excellent accommodation and meals, and the facilities offered for indoor activities (conference hall, flipchart, LCD 52”) are completed by an ideal scenery for outdoor activities.

Team Building package includes accommodation for 2 nights and 5 meals / person (Day1 – dinner, Day 2 – breakfast, lunch, dinner, Day 3 – breakfast).

The menu may vary according to tourists’ preferences. All produce and foodstuffs are fresh, tasty and plentiful.

Dish of the Day

Day 1

You may clink a cup of welcoming tzuica/palinka and you may eat several specialties specific to the area on a rustic platter.

Dinner (8:00 p.m.)

Chicken breast in milk crust (specialty of the house)
Pork ribs with sauerkraut cooked in the oven
German potatoes with onion, bacon and caraway (specialty of the house)
Cabbage salad with dill and cucumbers/pickles assortment
Homemade apple pie with raisins and cinnamon, vanilla ice-cream and mint leaves

Day 2

Breakfast (9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.)

Coffee, tea, tonic water, orange juice, fresh milk, cereals, cheese and beef tenderloin omelet, fried eggs, boiled sausages or fried sausages, pork tenderloin, chicken fillet, liver paté, cheese, smoked local cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, butter, homemade jam, peasant bread, toast.

Lunch (1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.)

Poultry soup with homemade noodles, cream and hot peppers
Pork leg with wine sauce and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and pickles
Chicken drumsticks with garlic potatoes
Iceberg salad with onions, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and vinegar
Platters of hot doughnuts with vanilla sugar

Dinner (6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.)

We invite you to a barbecue where you may drink a glass of tzuica/palinka on the house.
Boiourdy from sheep milk cheese, red pepper, tomatoes, olive oil, peperoncini and oregano cooked in the oven and served on garlic toast with olive oil and oregano
Mix Grill on the embers: mici/meat balls, spicy sausages, pork neck, pork chops, pork belly with vegetables, drumsticks
French fries with grated cheese, parmesan and rosemary
Pickles assortment
Chocolate pancakes with vanilla ice cream

Day 3

Breakfast (9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.)

Coffee, tea, tonic water, orange juice, fresh milk, cereals, cheese and beef tenderloin omelet, fried eggs, boiled sausages or fried sausages, pork tenderloin, chicken fillet, liver paté, cheese, smoked local cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, butter, homemade jam, peasant bread, toast.

Team Building package prices

To check for availability or to request an offer, please contact us now:

Mihail Rotaru
+40 722 331 595

The reservation shall be considered final only after receiving 30% advance payment of the total price. The remainder shall be paid upon your checking out, in cash or by card (POS). The advance payment shall be nonrefundable and nontransferable. Please do not pay the advance money without our confirmation (valid for 24 hours).

Important information:
1. You may bring your own drinks for which you shall pay 5 lei / day / person (cork tax).
2. In the club hall you may organize private parties. In the interval 12:30 a.m. – 06:00 a.m. the club hall can be rented for a small fee.
3. No pets allowed.
4. Smoking prohibited inside the buildings.
5. No outside food permitted inside the house and access to kitchen is restricted.


Tree Adventure Park – Fundatica (5 km) (4WD)

If you are looking for adventure, well, your quest has come to an end! Tree Adventure Park is the only adventure park in Fundatica containing archery, an escalade wall, 21 games among the trees and 9 Tyroliennes (the longest measures 220 m being the longest Tyrolienne on Rucar – Bran Corridor). (Tree Adventure Park)

Valea Cheii – Podu Dambovitei (13 km) (4WD)

Podu Dambovitei village was named after the stone bridge connecting Dambovita banks built in 1711 by order of Constantin Brancoveanu. A local road connects Podu Dambovitei to Dambovicioara, from where you may cross the spectacular Dambovicioara Gorges with abysses, towers and threatening 100-150 meter cliff walls formed in the calcareous walls. (Calator prin tara mea)

Bran Castle (19 km)

Castle Bran was originally a wooden fortress, erected by the Teutonic Knights brought to the Barsa Land by King Andrei II of Hungary in the 12th century. In 1377, the Saxons built a stone castle on the site, to defend the major trade route linking Transylvania (Brasov) and Wallachia (Campulung Muscel) via the Rucar-Bran Corridor. (Calator prin tara mea)

Dambovicioara Cave / Gorge (20 km)

Dambovicioara Gorge is 2 km long being located in the calcareous mountainous region of Piatra Craiului Mountains on Rucar-Bran route. Dambovicioara, which springs from the southern slope of La Om Peak (2230) m in Piatra Craiului Mountains, is one of Dambovita tributaries. Upstream the gorge, at the junction with Valea Muierii there is a brook called La Galgoaie from where water is flowing with a torrential speed into Dambovicioara followed by a narrow almost inaccessible gorge full of waterfalls. Dambovicioara Gorge has a majestic aspect and belongs to a series of at least 20 gorges situated in the hydrographic basin of Dambovita. (Wikipedia)

Pestera Liliecilor (The Bat Cave) – Pestera Village (21 km)

Pestera Liliecilor, a natural monument, is a protected area of national interest corresponding to the category of ‘natural reserve of speleological type’ and it falls into the special protection area of Piatra Craiului Park. The existence of this cave, known as Pestera Mare or Pestera Badichii, appeared in documents many centuries ago, the first archeological diggings dating back to1957-1958. The cave is populated by colonies of bats that have been researched for years from the bio-speleological viewpoint by the researchers of the Institute of Speleology of Bucharest. (Wikipedia)

Libearty Bear Reservation – Zarnesti (26 km)

Set-up in 2005, Libearty Bear Reservation having a surface of 69 ha, is the first natural reservation for captive bears in Romania. The existence of the reservation was possible due to the partnership between Zarnesti Town Hall (that leased the land) and Asociatia Milioane De Prieteni din Brasov and WSPA. Libearty Sanctuary was created in the memory of she-bear Maya and it hosts today 82 European brown bears and an Asian black bear, all bears being protected against the harsh and abusive life in captivity. (Zarnesti.Net)

Rasnov Fortress (30 km)

Rasnov Fortress is the fortified assembly situated on the calcareous hill lying in the south of Rasnov town in Brasov County, one of the best preserved fortified assemblies in Transylvania. The oldest structures that have been kept until today date back to the 14th century being probably on the place of a wooden fortification erected by the Teutonic Knights at the beginning of the 13th century. In 1427, the emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg visited Rasnov Fortress which he transferred to the administration of the local community by giving it the rank of a bourg. (Turist in Romania)

Biserica Neagra (The Black Church) – Brasov (46 km)

500 years old, the Black Church is the most representative monument of Brasov, the largest Gothic church in Transylvania and, according to some historians, the largest church between Vienna and Istanbul. The construction of this Gothic church began around 1380 and was originally called St. Mary’s Church. In 1421, much of the building was destroyed after the a turkish invasion, the reason why only in 1477 the works were completed. (Turist in Romania)

Prejmer Fortress / Fortified Church (63 km)

The fortified church of Prejmer was built in the 13th century on the place of an old Roman basilica. It is the best preserved and strongest medieval church-fortress in the Eastern Europe built in the shape of a circle with 3-4 meter thick and 12 meter high walls, bulwarks, iron gates and moveable bridges. (Turist in Romania)


To check the accommodation availability or to request an offer, please contact us at the following e-mail address/phone number:

Mihail Rotaru
+40 722 331 595

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